Have you ever felt frustrated with Halloween not being inclusive enough for you child with sensory differences, dietary restrictions or mobility devices? You are not alone.


Halloween can be a challenging holiday for many of our kiddos. We have collected a few resources and ideas to inspire you this year and hopefully help make trick-or-treating a more positive experience!

What is the deal with the teal pumpkins?

A teal pumpkin is a sign that a house will offer treats that are suitable for any trick-or-treaters who might have a food allergy or intolerance. If you are giving out candy this year, consider putting out a teal pumpkin and having a small stash of non-edible goodies (e.g., stickers, pencils, temporary tattoos) to give to kiddos who may have allergies, intolerances or who are primarily g-tube fed.

For our sensory sensitive trick-or-treaters:

Keep an eye out for some new sensory friendly costumes being created by target with soft, plush designs and no tags! We are obsessed with this list of 6 DIY costume ideas for our sensory friends!

Creative costumes to incorporate mobility devices!

Check out these adorable ideas for kids who use wheelchairs or crutches. Some companies are even making costumes also have convenient abdominal access for our kids who have a GI tube for feeding.  Halloween should be fun for all!

Check out these other great resources for more adaptive costume ideas!